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Confused yet? Yup, me too. It takes place at 2 different time periods 10 years apart, with Deathblow tracking one man, and Batman tracking the same 10 yrs later The are is great stuff, dark, Gothic, imposing, all perfect for a Batman story It didn't work for me, I was left a little confused about when things were jumping back, and why things happened, and the ending just made me scratch my head. If someone else has read this and cares to explain to me why it's great, I'm all ears.

Not recommended unless you just want to look at the pictures, and not read it. But then you might get even MORE confused I couldn't make heads nor tails of the plot: something about Batman going undercover as Deathblow I think in order to capture some pyrokinetic government agent I think who chopped off some dude's hand and left it in a tollbooth change-bucket.

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By far the weakest Brian Azzarello I've read. Still, Lee Bermejo's ultra-precise artwork is fun, even despite his annoying tendency to draw Bruce Wayne as a hybrid of Henry Rollins and General William Westmoreland. Maybe I shouldn't try to plow through a mini-series reading in bed and falling asleep. The attraction is not the crossover, but Brain Azzarello's writing. While I have a couple of trades left to go I like Bullets, and I thought his Luthor mini-series was pretty good. Here he weaves a nice noirish type of tale between events that take place 10 years apart and competing intelligence agencies.

And, as someone who never read Deathblow's series Azzarello made the name and character at least make Maybe I shouldn't try to plow through a mini-series reading in bed and falling asleep. And, as someone who never read Deathblow's series Azzarello made the name and character at least make sense. The respective plot twists between the C. A and International Operations are handled well enough, even though I had to suspend my disbelief that Bruce Wayne would have dinner with operatives from those two agencies, much less dinner in public.

The ending felt a little off, and part of me is attributing that to my nodding off but being determined to finish the tale last night. Overall, much better than I expected.

Hunters of the Lost World, Death Blow (Episode 2)

I had very low expectations based off of what I knew of the Deathblow character. Mar 28, Sam Quixote rated it liked it. Full review here! Feb 26, Martin rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed.

Finally re-issued after more than 10 years, this 3-parter is one of Brian Azzarello 's best works, with incredible art by Lee Bermejo and inks by Tim Bradstreet. Because of the interference of an unknown pyrokinetic Max Kai, a guy who can start fires with his mind , the mission is botched and Falcon gets away. Today: A severed hand is found in a bridge toll booth and an investigation is launched by the Gotham City police department to find out whose hand it is and, also, to find the rest of the body.

A mysterious Death Card is found with the hand. After doing some research, Batman finds out that this death card is the call sign of Deathblow. Only problem is that Deathblow's been dead for 10 years! Batman also picks up the trail of Max Kai, back in Gotham for reasons revealed later on. I found the story's structure and pacing to be top-notch, the mystery unfolding slowly, with the clues being drip-fed to the reader.

This is the best Azzarello book I've read, bar none. Add to that the incredible art by Bermejo inked by Bradstreet and the beautiful deluxe-sized hardcover presentation and what you've got is a real keeper. Highly recommended. Mar 12, Skjam! Shelves: adventure , comics , published , firstreads , superhero , author-a.

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Those of you who've been following my reviews for a while will know that I'm a longtime Batman fan. Not so much though as regards Deathblow, one of the many Nineties antiheroes Image pumped out back in the day. This is not a promising basis for a team-up, and Mr. Azzarello wisely doesn't try to make it one. Instead, Batman picks up the trail of a pyrokinetic terrorist that the now-deceased Deathblow had encountered a decade before. The story cuts between the two eras, piecing together the murky circumstances through the triple-crossing wires of espionage agencies.

Even with a good writer, Michael Cray, the Deathblow used in this story, never rises above the Nineties cliches he's mired in. Batman is done pretty well, and Alfred is a delight. Commissioner Gordon makes a cameo to give Batman a clue. The villain has a bit more depth than is evident through most of the story, which leads to a neat little last page twist. Lee Bermejo's art is kind of blocky, which makes for some nice covers, but is less effective in the story itself.

For this deluxe edition, he presents some sketches and alternative covers, with notes on each. To be honest, I think this book is only getting the deluxe treatment because the author has gone on to do better work. This is one I recommend checking out at the library if you can. May 13, Cale rated it it was ok. I picked this up on the basis of Brian Azzarello and Tim Bradstreet. I usually enjoy Azzarello's writing, but here it just doesn't work for me.

It's a story of doublecrosses and triplecrosses, spread across a decade. The time periods go back and forth, and there were several places where it simply isn't clear which time period we're in, which makes the already complicated story that much muddier. The artwork is well done, very dark and grim and textured.

The ObamaCare Merger Deathblow

I might have gotten more out of it if I had been more familiar with who Deathblow is, but he wasn't part of the Wildstorm universe that I explored. So what I got was a gritty noirish story with an unsympathetic lead. There's probably some depth; if I wanted to reread it, I'd probably get a lot more out of it. But the story wasn't interesting enough for me to want to invest the time to read it again.

In flashbacks, Michael "Deathblow" Cray is on a black-ops mission to eliminate the Falcon. The interference of a firestarter botches the mission, and also forces Deathblow's partner Scott Floyd to reveal that the Falcon is actually another government operative.

The Great Alan Moore Reread: Mr. Majestic, Voodoo, and Deathblow |

Years later, Bruce Wayne's friend Scott Floyd is targeted for an assassination by the same firebug. Visiting Floyd, Bruce reveals his secret and becomes drawn into the ages-old conflict. Determined to rid Gotham of the menace, Batman uses disguises and guile to track down the killer and get the truth about Deathblow. Brian Azzarello attempts to navigate between two different worlds with this crossover volume, and the struggles shows. The focus on Batman is well-done, playing to Azzarello's strengths as a crime writer; the plot points of Deathblow are more convoluted and contrived, as mercenary ops in American cities do not fall in Azzarello's wheelhouse.

Despite some solid attempts at mystery, intrigue, and misdirection, the entire ordeal feels jigsawed together for a cash grab. The gritty art from Lee Bermejo fits the darkened streets of Gotham and its Dark Knight, but the human characters feel sharp, angular, and out-out-joint. Jul 21, Garth rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novel. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

The soldier implored Usama for amnesty just as Usama prepared to deliver the deathblow. Taken together, this legal wrangling could be a deathblow to the company that once ruled the Internet. Then alighting on a rock and holding by a projection, he gave the monster his deathblow. It goes on living and working when science has dealt it what should be its deathblow. Good ideas abound but it often looses its way. The main villain and henchperson pairing offered very little, for example.

I love comics and love to inter disperse them throughout my book reading.

Anti-Air Deathblow Text

However I found this particular one really very confusing and hard going. I struggled to finish it and was pleased when I did. I wouldn't recommend this to be honest although I do understand the message they were trying to eventually get across. More structure across the book would be awesome. Find this book at Hillingdon Libraries.

Toshi rated it really liked it Apr 22, Alex Murphy rated it did not like it Mar 26, Tim rated it it was amazing Apr 13, Erin rated it it was ok Mar 27, Simon Wilton rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Rick rated it it was ok Jun 11, David Donahue rated it liked it Jan 04, Steely Ben rated it liked it Oct 16, Badjeremie rated it liked it Aug 23, Nov 15, Adam rated it it was ok Shelves: comics-read. Great art paired with a nonsensical story.

Zbigniew Redkiewicz rated it it was ok Jul 08, Daniel Troche rated it liked it Aug 06, Craig rated it it was ok Jun 02, Dave rated it it was ok Oct 07, Periklis rated it liked it May 30, Rob rated it liked it Aug 31, Keith rated it liked it Mar 18, Chalupa Batman rated it really liked it Aug 17, Jennifer Juffer rated it liked it May 02, H rated it it was ok May 31, Cory rated it really liked it Jan 26, Albert rated it liked it Aug 06, Athanasios Kormazos rated it it was ok May 12,