Children of Tantalus: Niobe and Pelops (Tapestry of Bronze)

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Note that you may occasionally start a new paragraph within a character's speech.

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This doesn't happen all that often -- usually people aren't allowed to speak without being interrupted or they are engaged in give and take -- or when they have come to the end of the paragraph, there's a natural pause. However, it is possible that a character will continue speaking in such a way that he should be given more than a single paragraph.

In this case you should change paragraphs using the same rules as above -- the character has shifted to another topic. Inside Paragraphs So far this article has concentrated on what you should consider when separating your paragraphs.

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But there is another important consideration regarding the structure of paragraphs for your story: how do you order your sentences within each paragraph? For non-fiction, theory seems better developed. In non-fiction, you often begin a paragraph with a topic sentence, i. The sentences that follow are detail sentences supporting the topic sentence.

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For example: The weather should be good for the picnic tomorrow. The temperature is predicted to be in the eighties, partly cloudy with a slight breeze. The humidity will be low, and the pollution index will also be low. Notice how the last two sentences go into more detail about the weather, supporting the assertion in the first sentence in the paragraph.

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This technique can help with your fiction writing, but it may not be enough. In fiction, your paragraphs also need to move your story along. So, even when you begin a paragraph with a strong lead sentence, you may want to end with a bang as well. Here's an example from our novel, Children of Tantalus: His sister's mocking tone infuriated him. Attempting to control his rage, Pelops rose to his feet; finding that the floor had steadied itself, he walked out onto the balcony.

Looking out at the distant sea, he took a slow, deep breath. Finally he turned and spoke to Niobe. The next two sentences show him in motion but also attempting to control his emotion. The fourth sentence is a transition sentence, which the reader needs in order to follow the action of the story. The fifth sentence in the paragraph ties back to the first, as Pelops' statement makes clear why he is so angry: that he hates having what he interprets as religious experiences questioned.

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And the sentence, "Just because the gods have never spoken to you does not make it impossible" is delivering its own wallop, as the readers sit up and think, hey, does this guy really think that the gods are talking to him? We've covered two different ways of organizing paragraphs. The first contains a lead sentence and is followed by sentences that support it. The second develops action or thought and moves the story along. There are probably other good ways to organize your paragraphs, but these are two I have found useful.

The Order of Your Paragraphs The order of your paragraphs is another part of the structure that you need to consider. Which information should come first, which second, third, and so on?

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Here are a couple of suggestions: Whenever you can, tell your story in sequence. Readers can be confused by flashbacks, so unless you have good artistic or dramatic reason, it's easier for them to understand when your story is told in the same way that things happen. Of course, often there ARE good dramatic reasons -- still, you should be aware of what you are doing and only do it when necessary.

Put related paragraphs together. For example, if Steve is considering in one paragraph what he should get Betsy for Valentine's Day, maybe he should not be thinking the same thing a few paragraphs later -- unless those thoughts need to be separated for the sake of your story.

However, it is possible for this suggestion to take you too far in one direction. For example, you might want to intersperse description throughout your story, rather than put it in one block. Mastering the art of the paragraph takes many writers a long time; I still have to put effort into making mine work. I hope these thoughts help you to organize yours. This article may not be reprinted without the author's written permission. She is the author of Crafting Fabulous Fiction , a step-by-step guide to developing and polishing novels and short stories that includes many of her beloved columns.

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