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There is also, if the situation is very serious, on last legs.

Last edited: Nov 15, English - Southern England Home Counties. Very well known by film buffs so it is a catch-phrase in English. But it does depend on the image in context, because breathless means on the edge of your seat in this film; as opposed to : on your last legs, on your knees, running on empty, out of breath which are all negative.

Breathless means living on the edge , to a point of excitement which is "insupportable " awesome. Running on empty or out of steam works for 3 of the 4 meanings above!

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Breathless in English is often used to mean when someone is so excited about something they don't even breathe. It is often used when the media are disgustingly positive about something.

The media's breathless praise of Obama's speech was disgusting. Critics skewered her and Preminger for St.

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Truffaut, of course, went on to write the script for Breathless. A jazz pianist by trade, Mr.

Michel and Patricia are attracted to and repulsed by one another—he vacillating between Patricia and other women who are less lovers than they are financial crutches, she ambivalently waffling from Michel to journalists and celebrities. Hate would at least be preceded by some kind of active interest in women. But her eyes and flat, declarative tone suggest otherwise. Together, like their countermelodies, Michel and Patricia form a zero-sum game—nothing matters.

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Skip to content Search for:. Previous The Expendables. Next The Social Network. Michel models himself aesthetically and somewhat morally after film noir hero Humphrey Bogart, as if he longs to be the antihero of his own film.

A Bout De Souffle : French Film Guide

With this idolisation of a movie star, Godard takes us to a version of s France, one that still romanticises wartime and postwar Hollywood. Above all the surprising dialogue, jazzy soundtrack, and jump cuts, the heart of the film is in the two characters: two young people at the start of a new decade, trying to figure out their complicated relationship with each other and the world.

Max Hayward is a Melbourne-based writer who is passionate about film musicals and mimosas. Max Hayward reviews this full-hearted biopic following a charismatic Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado as they navigate the windswept landscape and harsh social climate of South America. The latest film by Italian director Luca Guadagnino transports us to a romantic northern Italy, drenched in summer light and a tender love.

Olivia Dennis reviews one of the most intimate love stories in recent cinematic history.

Filmed in one continuous shot through concrete Berlin, this film is a two-hour cinematic ride that takes us through the romance, musicality and uncertainty of a city that wakes at night. Join our community of curious, worldly readers.